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Yale School of Management
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About me

I'm an Assistant Professor of Accounting at Yale School of Management. Prior to joining Yale, I spent seven years on the faculty at the London School of Economics. I received a PhD in Accounting from Stanford University in 2017 and my undergraduate degrees from Yale in 2011.

My research interests span non-financial misconduct, ESG issues, and political connections (especially subsidies)

You can find my official Yale webpage here.

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Aneesh Raghunandan


My research interests span non-financial misconduct, ESG issues, and political connections (especially subsidies). If there is no link to a paper below, please contact me directly if you would like a copy.


Government Subsidies and Corporate Misconduct
Forthcoming, Journal of Accounting Research.

The Impact of Information Frictions Within Regulators: Evidence from Workplace Safety Violations (with Thomas Ruchti)
Forthcoming, Journal of Accounting Research.

  • Selected for 2023 JAR conference

Do Socially Responsible Firms Walk the Talk? (with Shiva Rajgopal)
Forthcoming, Journal of Law and Economics.

When Do Firms Deliver on the Jobs They Promise in Return for State Aid? (with Qingkai Dong and Shiva Rajgopal)
Forthcoming, Review of Accounting Studies.

Are Carbon Emissions Associated with Stock Returns? (with Jitendra Aswani and Shiva Rajgopal)
Review of Finance 28(1), 2024.

Do ESG Funds Make Stakeholder-Friendly Investments? (with Shiva Rajgopal)
Review of Accounting Studies; 27(3), 2022.

  • Presented at 2021 RAST Conference

Financial Misconduct and Employee Mistreatment: Evidence from Wage Theft
Review of Accounting Studies; 26(3), 2021.

  • Presented at 2020 RAST Conference
  • Best Paper Award, 2020 RAST Conference

Are audit fees discounted in initial year audit engagements? (with Abhijit Barua and Clive Lennox)
Journal of Accounting and Economics; 69(2-3), 2020.

Working papers

How Does Judges' Personal Exposure to Financial Fraud Affect White-Collar Sentencing? (with Trung Nguyen and Alexa Scherf)

  • In-principle acceptance (via the Registered Reports process) , Journal of Accounting Research

Tax Subsidy Information and Local Economic Effects (with Lisa De Simone and Rebecca Lester)

  • Revise and Resubmit, Journal of Accounting Research

Misreporting of Mandatory ESG Disclosures: Evidence from Gender Pay Gap Information (with McKenna Bailey, Stephen Glaeser, and James Omartian)

  • Revise and Resubmit, Management Science

Two-Sided Matching in the Audit Market (with Ken Li and Maureen McNichols)

  • Revise and Resubmit, The Accounting Review

Reputation-Building Actions After Corporate Social Irresponsibility (with Wei Cai, Shiva Rajgopal, and Wenxin Wang)

The Economics of ESG Disclosure Regulation (with Rich Frankel and S.P. Kothari)

Stakeholder Responses to Revelations of Employment Discrimination (with Devin Shanthikumar and Elizabeth Tori)

Institutional Ownership and Workplace Misconduct: Evidence from U.S. Federal Violations (with Xi Li)

Mandatory Gender Pay Inequity Disclosure in the UK: Did Inequity Fall and Do these Disclosures Affect Firm Value? (with Shiva Rajgopal)

Media coverage

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